My name is Steav. I have always found my life to be a remarkable misspelling. I was born in Seoul, South Korea, and raised in Long Beach, CA. In the

purgatory of my ethnicity and my environment, I assimilated through acts of creative intervention.


I am a painter, printmaker, sculptor and animator. I choose to transcribe the details of my life through line because I am in praise of shadows. Most

nights in my adolescence, I surfed through streetlights to find any open riverbed or wall. Painting fast and looking back hastily, I worked with the

few cans of spray paint I had lying around my garage.


Living with my mom, a classical conductor and my father, a chemical engineer, I discovered the importance of multidisciplinary practices.

My research at Cornell University has provided me with the insight and the tools to succeed in my career path. I have been a print studio monitor for

over 2 years in the printmaking studio and spearheaded collaborative projects with my artistic collective, noyoko. I have been commissioned for

multiple opportunities for commercial and public mural projects in Long Beach, CA and Ithaca, NY.

In April 2017, I was rewarded with an individual grant from the Cornell Council for the Arts Foundation to showcase my first solo-exhibition. In

addition, the David R. Bean Foundation provided me with an endowment to travel abroad to Rome in the Fall 2017 semester. 

Currently I am working and residing in New York on the campus with Cornell University AAP New York City. 


Contact: Steav Kim

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